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Kira Westwick is a mother of two gorgeous girls, a wife to her husband Adam, a nutritionist, personal trainer and a Pilates & Yoga instructor…. Oh & a #FlannerysFoodie! We were thrilled to get to know a little more about Kira and find out how she keeps herself & her family happy and healthy!

Check out her two yummy recipes she shared with us!


Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration

I stay healthy with a daily dose of clean wholefood, filtered water, fun, positive loving relationships, sunshine, gratitude, sharing my gifts, and mindful movement I enjoy.

The key is BALANCE.

When I have balance in my 5 F’s – Family, Friends, Fitness, Food and FUN- I feel centred and happy. I don’t do diets, deprivation or extreme workouts at the gym. I embrace a combination of movement I enjoy, including Yoga, Pilates and outdoor adventures with friends. I enjoy eating a variety of REAL food – food from Mother Nature. I listen to my body and I count vitality rather than calories, ensuring my meals are filled with living foods where possible. I’m drawn to eating really clean the majority of the time, and I don’t feel guilty when I indulge on wine and eating out on the weekend. It’s never hard for me to make good choices because I’m inspired by how good it makes me feel. I’m mindful to regularly plan something fun and adventurous and often outside my comfort zone, as this keeps my spirit healthy and me feeling young at heart. A daily practise of gratitude is a must for me too; it transformed my life and mental wellbeing. It’s hard to have a bad day when you realise how much there is to be grateful for in every moment!

What are your go to staples in the kitchen?

I believe we must experience joy when we eat, so my passion is bringing deliciousness and healthy eating together. Nourishing organic fresh herbs and spices are a must in my kitchen because they bring food alive with colour and flavour!

I always have my pantry stocked with eggs, frozen berries, coconut oil, raw cacao, coconut flour, raw nuts, nut butters and wholefood sweeteners such as raw honey and maple syrup too. That way I can whip up a wholesome treat, snack or smoothie at a moments notice.

Fussy kids – any tips for lunch-boxes and dinner times?

First and foremost lead by example! And remember we set the boundaries of what is considered food in the household. For example kids can not demand white bread over whole grain if they’ve never been given it.

Also pick your battles! For example most kids prefer to eat vegetables RAW – I know my kids are perfectly content to eat half a plate of raw veggie sticks in every colour of the rainbow at meal times, so I don’t bother serving them steamed vegetables because the battle isn’t worth it. I give them an abundance of the ones they love, and just a little of the ones they are unsure about. Its important to never give up on them – it can take many tries for them to become accustomed to a new flavour or texture.

Fruits and vegetables make the most convenient lunch box fillers too….processed pick-a-packet lunch boxes just aren’t necessary when nature has already provided us with delicious convenience foods. For example mandarins and bananas come in their own packaging, and cherry tomatoes, snow peas, baby carrots and baby cucumbers need no preparation at all.

If children are not yet enjoying their veggies, I’ve found green smoothies to be one of the most successful ways to increase the cravability of them. Like attracts like – our cells crave more of what we feed them. You can easily hide foods like spinach, sprouts, celery and cucumbers and healthy fats like chia and hemp seeds in smoothies, and kids will start to crave more of them over time. Its also a great way to book end their day, so no matter what else happens you know you got them off to a healthy nourishing start. Tip: throw some berries in if your kids are dubious of the green colour!

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

Almost all of my pantry staples are available in the Flannerys own brand, which is great because they are so much more affordable. In fact if you saw my cupboard I think you would agree I could almost start a Flannerys supermarket of my own hehe ;)

Any advice for those with food intolerances or beginning to change their lifestyle choices?

Start with one simple change at a time so it’s SUSTAINABLE! Do not impose rules; simply crowd out the bad stuff with more good choices and count vitality foods, NOT calories! Calories are NOT created equal. At the end of the day it’s incredibly simple to lead a healthy lifestyle – JUST. EAT. REAL. Food.

It’s so much easier to cater to food intolerances today with so many healthy foodie blogs sharing recipes and tips, and with alternative ingredients readily available at stores like Flannerys. Enjoy the process, creativity and adventure of learning a new way to prepare food.

Recommended foodie havens?

I love the Flannerys Refuel Depot, I know the juices and smoothies are organic and fresh and they have convenient takeaway options too. I often run past on a busy day and grab somethings to get me through my day.


You can find out more about the lovely Kira Westwick by jumping on her website:


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