Boost your Immune System


There really is no single solution, food or herb that will be the ultimate in immune system health. It’s a combination of many factors and emotions in the person. Food, stress, movement, sunlight, sleep, internal organ function, nervous system, adrenal glands, fresh water …. are all things we can check on to help boost our immune strength & put up a good fight!

Consuming fresh, organic wholefoods will help our body perform as best as possible, whilst feeding it sugar loaded goods, preservatives and synthetic ingredients we don’t even recognise can be detrimental to our overall health.

What else should I be doing?

  • Good Hygiene – as viruses are easily spread, prevention begins with washing your hands regularly and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of good quality water each day and take note of your intake of caffeine (including herbal teas) which, if excessive, can deplete us. Coconut water, strawberries, watermelon and cucumber are fantastic for hydrating our cells.
  • Rest – our bodies need time out to repair and rebuild. As well as ensuring you are getting good quality sleep, you can also look at resting your digestive system with intermittent fasting.
  • Limit or avoid excess sugar – processed sugary foods can feed dis-ease growth and inhabit our immune response to help fight off infection. Switch your mindset that a ‘treat’ can be a piece of juicy fruit, dark chocolate or a medjool date dunked in peanut butter!
  • Look after your stress responses & anxiety levels – maybe now is the time to take up meditation practices. If you need to – limit the time you spend around excess media, social channels and even negative people that can start to induce those overwhelming feelings. Our Naturopaths can also recommend some adrenal fatigue support such as B Vitamins & magnesium to promote overall calm.
  • Sunshine & movement – it’s important to access some natural sunlight daily, plus fresh air and movement. Whether it’s a walk outside, a run, yoga, weights or tai-chi … movement & exercise can provide an enormous amount of benefit for both the body & the mind.
  • Make yourself a tonic – good old lemon, honey & ginger works wonders on the soul as well as the immune system. Or pick up one pre-made in store to have on hand.


5 natural remedies to support your immunity:

  • Top up your vitamin C intake by consuming vitamin C rich foods + boost with extra supplements to strengthen your immunity in the lead up to winter. Foods high in phytoestrogens (naturally occurring plant compounds that can mimic the effects of estrogen in the body) can help balance hormones. Leafy greens, citrus, capsicum and strawberries are great!


  • Look after your gut health – Incorporate fermented & prebiotic foods into your diet. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup, kefir and kombucha all help to colonise your gut. While prebiotic foods such as garlic, onions, green banana starch and chicory root provide the fuel for your gut microbes to feed and flourish. Sip on nourishing bone broth throughout the day or add extra nutrition into your family meals. In particular, the amino acids in chicken bone broth such as cysteine and glycine are building blocks for important immunomodulating factors in the body. The basis of a strong immunity begins in the gut!


  • Olive Leaf extract – a powerful antioxidant source that can boost our immune system response to fight infection. It also helps to fight free radicals (nasty molecules that can accumulate in the body and can attack the immune system & cause inflammation).
    Check out Comvita Olive Leaf Extract, with fresh extract coming straight from olives tress in South East Queensland.


  • Elderberry– The antioxidant power of berries is widely known, and Elderberry’s are no exception. Associated with immune support and helping prevent inflammation & common cold symptoms.


  • Potent herbs such as Astragalus, Siberian ginseng, Andrographis, Echinacea, Elderflower, Reishi and thyme have all been used for their anti-viral, antibacterial immune boosting properties. Products such as Fusion Health Activiral and Vitamin C 1000 Advanced are all useful. Plus we have plenty of practitioner only products for you to obtain with your prescription. Or our instore naturopaths and herbalists can customise herbal tonics tailored to your individual needs.


For immunity support or to discuss your symptoms, pop in to your local Flannerys & speak to one of our friendly naturopaths. We’re here to help you feel your best this winter – whether it be with herbal supplements, dietary advice, or even general support.


Words by Assunta Hamilton

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