Lentil lasagne with basil & garlic cashew cheese

By Ceres Organics

gluten free | ready in 1 hour | serves 6



1 capsicum, seeded and chopped

2 cans Organic Tomatoes, Chopped

1 tablespoon  Organic Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed

1 clove garlic

½ jar Organic Green Olives, Pitted

2 teaspoons Organic RAW Apple Cider Vinegar

Salt and pepper (to taste)


1 cup Organic Cashews, RAW Whole (soaked for an hour)

¼ cup water, plus extra if required

¼ cup lemon juice

½ cup Organic Savoury Yeast Flakes

Salt and pepper (to taste)

1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard

1 teaspoon dehydrated onion, optional

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1½ cups fresh basil leaves


1 onion, chopped

2 courgettes, sliced

8 large field mushrooms, sliced

2 bunches of spinach

1 box Green Lentil Lasagne


  • 1. Preheat your oven to 200°C and line a 9×13-inch baking dish (like a glass Pyrex one) with baking paper.

  • 2. To make the basic tomato sauce, add all sauce ingredients to a food processor, and pulse until you have a chunky salsa type consistency.

  • 3. Next, make your basil and garlic cashew cheese. Drain and rinse the cashews, then add all the cashew cheese ingredients to your food processor and blend until smooth.

  • 4. Wash and prep your onion, courgette, mushrooms and spinach.

  • 5. To put your lasagne together, pour about a cup of the tomato sauce onto the base of your prepared dish. Spread evenly using a spatula.

  • 6. Add a layer of the lentil lasagne sheets, half the cashew cheese mixture, and then half the vegetables.

  • 7. Repeat with another layer each of tomato sauce, lentil pasta sheets, cashew cheese, and vegetables. Finish off your lasagna off with remaining tomato sauce.

  • 8. Cover with foil, adding a couple of slits for vents and bake for 40-50 minutes. Serve immediately.Note: if you do not have a food processor, a high speed blender or equivalent will do the job.

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