2 Week Mini-Detox With Naturopath, Lisa Jolly of One Sky Wellbeing

Are you in need of a re-set to help kick start 2021 off on the right foot?

Gold-Coast-based naturopath Lisa Jolly has created a 2-week online mini-detox to help you achieve just that.




Why Detox?

Modern life can expose us to a lot of toxins via the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the products we apply to our skin. EWG estimates more than 100,000 chemicals are used commercially:

  • These toxins accumulate in our fatty tissue and over time can start affecting our cell’s ability to function well
  • When organs are compromised everything is weakened
  • Digestion slows, metabolism breaks down, weight may be gained, we may feel sluggish, more prone to infections such as candida and battle gut issues
  • This can significantly affect our health. In fact, many chronic diseases are linked with toxicity




Potential Benefits of a Detox

The improved cellular function which can lead to:

  • increased energy
  • weight loss
  • improved brain function/memory
  • improvements in mood
  • Reduce inflammation and pain


Join the New Year Mini-Detox

  • Starts Monday 1st Feb (1st webinar)
  • Registration closes 31st January
Book Here

This program can be undertaken entirely online so everyone is welcome to join!

This detox will include:

  • An allowable foods list
  • An eBOOK of recipes incorporating the allowable foods list: Valued at $30
  • 2 x Weekly webinars that will be recorded for those that miss them live:
    • Topic 1: Detox Your Diet: Valued at $60
    • Topic 2: Reduce Your Toxic Load: Valued at $60
  • 15 minute FREE Naturopathic Consult valued at $60 to discuss supplement options (if desired)
  • Access to practitioner only detoxification supplements
  • Access to a dedicated Facebook group during detox for recipe inspiration and motivation
  • Discounted detoxification supplements
  • Total Value: $210+
  • TOTAL COST: $99
    Saving $111

For more details visit the One Sky Wellbeing Page | click here



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