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There are so many benefits to switching to natural cosmetics, particularly, reducing the amount of toxic ingredients we put on our skin.

Eye of Horus Cosmetics is an Australian natural makeup brand who use a blend of safe natural ingredients and safe synthetics to bring you the ultimate in high performance beauty, safety and formulations specifically for sensitive eyes and skin. All ingredients have the EWG (Environment Working Group) safety rating next to them.

Their Bio Range is up to 100% natural and consists of their Bio Lipsticks and Lip Elixir, Bio Mascara, Eye Shadows and soon to be complexion range. These products fully utilise nature to nurture the skin and hair for a regenerating and hydrating result.


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Eye of Horus Cosmetics have always been a cruelty free brand, and always will be. They are passionate about this ethical standpoint because they believe that beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of animal cruelty.

Being a cruelty free cosmetics brand means that not one single ingredient or product has been tested on animals. Over the past two years Eye of Horus Cosmetics have been working hard to get the extensive paper trail ready for accreditation, and they have now been awarded their official cruelty free status via the universally recognized ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ association.

Eye of Horus is proudly a Cruelty free accredited brand. Creating high performing and natural cosmetics without animal testing has always been a major part of our ethical mantra. We don’t believe in the use of animal testing for the sake of beauty. We encourage the collective movement towards ending animal testing practices which can be done by supporting cruelty free accredited brands.

The key is to educate yourself and be aware of your choices, do your research before making a purchase.

Join the movement and do your little part by choosing cruelty free. It doesn’t just help save lives of animals it’s proven to be a healthier choice for you too.

Holly Schleich, Founder & Co-Owner.


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Eye of Horus Cosmetics acknowledges the importance to follow sustainable business practices, and have been making changes and planning ways they can reduce their footprint on the environment.

  • They have ensured that every aspect of their shipping packaging is recyclable or bio-degradable. This includes cardboard shipper boxes and bio-degradable shipping bags.
  • They have partnered with a new manufacturer who is local to them in Byron Bay Australia. This means production of some of their key products is kept local, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of producing goods.
  • They use bio-degradable coffee pods and a composting system in their office.
  • Their entire range is cruelty free meaning none of our precious Earth animals were harmed in the process of creating or trialing their products.
  • Their Bio Lipsticks are in bio-degradable packaging and their pallet products packaging are recyclable.
  • Their natural no-nasties formulas means they are sustainable and healthy for our planet.



Talking about natural no-nasties formulas… early November they will be launching their first complexion products, the Glow Collection featuring the Sacred Earth Complexion Palette and the Love and Light Illuminating Palette.

Combined, the two Complexion Palettes feature six everyday shades which are dual purpose, to be used on eyes and cheeks, designed to define and highlight your features for a natural ethereal glow.

Take a sneak peek at the new palettes…





Sacred Earth Complexion Palette – Luxor Light and Bronze Ochre combine with Sienna Blush and Persian Peach for the ultimate multi-tasking all-in-one palette.

Love and Light Illuminating Palette – Luxor Light and Bronze Ochre combine with Ethereal Rose and Aura Glow for total glow and definition.

  • High performing pure mineral pigments
  • 100% naturally derived. Organic ingredients. Natural botanical preservative.
  • No talc, petroleum or synthetic oils
  • Boosted with anti-aging bio actives
  • A stunning combination of bronzers, highlighters and blush
  • Beautifully crafted eco recyclable packaging
  • Made local to Eye of Horus Cosmetics in Byron Bay, Australia
  • Vegan and cruelty free

There’s a lot to love…


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