Celebrating sustainability


Our Top Health & Wellness Predictions for 2019!

Our Top Health & Wellness Predictions for 2019 – celebrating sustainability.

Positive Purchasing

We predict 2019 will flourish with incorporating more sustainably-sourced, regenerative and organic practices into mainstream ways of living. Many of the organisations we support at Flannerys give back and have incredible stories of community empowerment, sustainable farming methods and a passion for all things earth-friendly. We look forward to sharing their stories with you throughout 2019.

Plant-based Progress

This year we are looking closely at the surge of plant-based living and in effect, how increased awareness has brought about more consumer options, ranging from delicious vegan cheese varieties, food staples (including plant based seafood), to luxe vegan cosmetics, such as INIKA Organics. Plant based milks are also gaining popularity, with oat milk being the forerunner for 2019. If you’re an almond milk lover already, oat milk is definitely going to be one to sample this year. We’re already seeing its dominance overseas with many preferring it as their favourite dairy-free milk.

Hemp Health

Hemp is headlining the health and wellness world in being a fantastic source of nutrition. Containing high amounts of protein and rich in omega 3 and omega 6, it is going to be the salad / cereal topper, and smoothie starter of choice. The endocannabinoid system will be another topic of conversation we’d like to delve into this year. The endocannabinoid system relates to the modulatory structure in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. CBD (cannabinoids) will be another huge topic on our radar, as we look at the increasing research and discussions around calming anxiety, reducing stress & inflammation in the body with the help of CBD. Look out for our thought-provoking in-store educational workshops on these topics.

Naturopathy & Nutritional Support

Many people are now opting for preventative approaches to maintain health and wellness. This can be supported through Naturopathy and Nutritional methods. In addition to a healthy, balanced diet and exercise some of us need that little boost to support our systems. MCT oils and medicinal mushrooms such as Superfeast are just a couple of call-outs that will be a focus of natural medicine and health support in 2019. Keto & MCT – thanks to the growing popularity of the keto diet, we are starting to see more producers focus their energy on creating healthy fat products, such as MCT oils. Look out for new ‘fat bomb’ ingredients and products to make keto exciting!

Happy Hormones

Becoming more in-tune with our hormones and how we can better interpret them individually will grow this year. Our bodies are amazing at sending us signals on how our health is going…listening to it is key. So we predict to see more products in store that help boost and calm our hormone levels in a more direct way. Menstrual cups and organic / natural sanitary products like Tsuno are also becoming more mainstream. We hope to see increased awareness on these products throughout 2019. A win-win situation that offers a healthy and sustainable option for period care.

Whether it is nutrition, health and beauty, or your eggs and bread, you can find it all at Flannerys. We also have Naturopaths and Nutritionists available in-store to offer you support and advice. Above all, we offer a plethora of unique health and wellness products to suit all health journeys.


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