5 tips to help devour those Christmas leftovers!


Christmas leftovers & 5 tips to help devour them!

Here’s 5 tips to help you and your loved ones devour those delicious Christmas leftovers!

Christmas is notoriously known as a time of indulgence. With the spotlight now focused on waste and reducing our environmental footprint, is it time to rethink what we do with all those Christmas leftovers?

See you later science projects growing in the fridge and hello to a more sustainable kitchen, saving both you and the planet. Think “Nose-to-tail” cooking, a concept where essentially nothing gets wasted. It can be applied to both vegan/vegetarian and those who consume meat products.  Here are 5 top tips to help devour those Christmas leftovers and get you consciously creative in the kitchen!

1. Stock Supply

Whether your menu is fresh and light, or a full roast lunch with all of the trimmings, consider saving any vegetable “scraps” and/or bones to create a stock. Pop them in an airtight container in the freezer and do it at a later date to save time. Remember, label with a date, so you don’t lose track.

2. Refreshing Inspiration

Fresh, summery fruit is often on the menu in many houses. Save any leftovers in the fridge (if consumed reasonably quickly), or in the freezer if you’re needing a bit more time to create juices, smoothies or even a “nice-cream”.

3. Gut-Friendly Goodness

Ferment your excess fruits and vegetables (good for our gut microbes too)! Many different starter cultures with detailed instructions can be found in Flannery’s stores, so pop by and chat with staff if you’ve been wanting to try this, Christmas may just be the perfect time!

4. Crunchy Breadcrumbs

Bread sticks make a perfect accompaniment for a roast lunch, but if you have any leftovers toast them in the oven and then use a rolling pin to turn them into breadcrumbs, store in an airtight container.

5. Go For a Dip

Turn your left over veggies and salad into dips. Chopped salad items like tomato, cucumber and onion are lovely on a healthy crisp bread. Pair roast vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin or carrot with foods like cashews or chickpeas and make into a delicious dip. A lovely, light snack for the day after Christmas feasting!

Always remember to apply common sense if you are eating leftovers. Make sure to use or freeze leftovers within 2 days, as the food may perish and start to develop harmful bacteria. This does vary with different foods and some have a longer shelf life than others.

Enjoy celebrating consciously with friends and family!

By Adelle Rutch ~ Flannerys Nutritionist

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