Happy New Year...Welcome 2019! 


It’s the New Year, so what does 2019 hold for you?

Happy New Year…Welcome 2019!

The energy of 2019 resonates with the Universal Number 3 which is the number of creative self-expression. The energy of this year will be artistic, inspired and imaginative. Most importantly the Number 3 resonates very strongly with social interactions, therefore creative solutions found by individuals or groups will likely inspire others. I’m anticipating more positive relationships with creative inclinations that will work to dissolve tensions and achieve goals.

One of the most prevalent elements of 2019 is the supportive, abundant and life-giving energy of the Earth.

Time seems to be flying by lately, but this year you can change that by choosing to be present in each moment. Keep yourself grounded this year, so that you can explore the infinite nature of your creativity without getting lost in your head. This is the year to make things happen, so be present to see things through. Take a look at how you manage your time, and how you organise your life. Are you productive? Choose to develop your ability to focus on what’s important.

The strong Earth Energy of 2019 is going to put a spotlight on our physical body and reality.

Consider how you treat your body. Choose to eat clean, nourishing and wholesome foods from the Earth. Move your body every day to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. Examine the routines that you live by. This year will encourage you to create structure in your life and to honestly evaluate your values to set achievable goals – but always be mindful of when it is time to surrender to the greater plan of the Universe and let go.

This time last year, I wrote about starting to build your dream house.

2017 was about clearing your slate, and 2018 was the time to lay the foundations for the future. This year is the time to start decorating your space and filling your house with the people and things that are important to you; art, work, study, family and/or friends. Consider what you really want, and how you can bring more of these things into your life. Regardless of how you choose to create your home and your life, just remember the importance of balance.

I’m calling that 2019 is a year where transformational change is going to have a massive effect on us all.

The test lies in your ability to embrace and adapt to these changes. We are restructuring our foundations and rewriting our future every day. Consciously being your most authentic self is not only required this year, but is totally essential. Regardless of whether you choose to be conscious of your life or not, deep changes will take place anyway. The heavy baggage of your past will weigh you down, that is unless you choose to heal, choose to let go, and decide once and for all to move on and live your best life.

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by Sarah Louise

Sarah is a highly-regarded Transformation Coach. She facilitates Private Sessions with a refreshingly honest and insightful approach to heal and uplift, in person or online. Sarah also hosts regular group meditation events across Australia and Internationally. Visit Sarahs website to learn more, connect, and join the Transformation Tribe.


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