Food for living, nutrition for life

By Erin Higgins

At Flannerys we love chatting with our farmers about sustainable practises because as we know it goes even further than us eating the amazing produce. We are also supporting our earth through their sustainable farming practices.

Based around the value of ‘food for living, nutrition for life’ it’s no wonder Arahura Farms provide us with the most delicious golden carrots, deep red beetroot along with onion, lettuce and cabbage that comes from paddock to plate.

Arahura Farms has grown to be one of Australia’s largest organic producers. It is now a 220 acre farm and employs over 65 permanent and casual staff. Farm manager, Sean and his team are passionate about certified organic, sustainable farming practices and ‘bringing flavour to the table’. Strategically located in Nyah, Northern Victoria, the superb climate and soil means they are able to grow organic carrot and beetroot all year round, and organic onion, lettuce and cabbage seasonally.

Established as Certified Organic in 2000 by Tony and wife Jennie (Sean’s parents) they carried the belief that if you take care of the soil in a sustainable way and don’t interfere with the natural makeup of the vegetables, you grow healthy and nutritious produce. Because of this, they don’t brush their vegetables; helping to preserve the outer layer of the skin and enhance the nutritional quality. All of their quality farming practices have been handed down to their son, Sean, who now manages the farm.

In the early 70’s Tony and his family moved to Australia (Tresco, Victoria) switching to a horticulture farm. In 2000 after living in the suburbs for a decade and establishing an irrigation design company, Tony and his wife Jennie decided to return to the land to produce chemical free food. In 2009 Tony and Jennie’s oldest son, Sean came on board the farm to work and now manages the operations.

Arahura, meaning “path to discovery”, has taken them on a magnificent farming journey to land them where they are today.

We love supporting Tony, his family and staff at Arahura Farms and especially enjoy their fresh organic produce. Next time your munching on a delicious carrot from Flannerys you will know exactly where your fresh produce has come from.

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