Is your teenager stressed and hormonal? we can help

By Amy Gilbert, Qualified Naturopath, Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market

The teenage years can be stressful as the body goes through so many changes. Some teens (and parents) breeze through the teenage years with little more than a few tantrums, some mild mood swings and a few pimples, whilst others have much more pronounced symptoms including frequent mood swings, irritability, insomnia, fatigue and physical symptoms of acne and headaches. This is often exacerbated by stresses of school, family life, extra-curricular activities and diet.

So how can we as parents and caregivers help?

Diet plays a huge part in alleviating symptoms of hormone changes in teens. It is important that they eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegies as well as fats and proteins for developing the brain and body. Water intake is important too, not only for hydration but also for helping to flush any excess hormones from their system.

A healthy liver allows the body to process all of those hormones that are floating around. Consuming a clean diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising daily and the removal of toxins such as alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks and junk food will help with this process. We can further assist by limiting the number of chemicals they are exposed to by switching to chemical free skincare and makeup, using natural cleaning products and limiting intake of food treated with pesticides.

What else can we do?

Encourage them to spend time away from their devices (especially the hour or so before bed).

Encourage a goodnights rest (8-10 hours is ideal) and good sleep habits. Essential oils (Lavender) and sleep teas (English Tea Shop Sleepy Me) can assist.

Get them involved in a sport that they enjoy.

A B vitamin in the morning can help them to cope with stress and anxiety (Ethical Nutrients B Stress Daily).

Magnesium can help with stress reduction and relaxation (Herbs of Gold Magnesium Forte).

Australian Bush Flower Essences, Adol Essence is great for teens and Emergency Essence is great for times of stress and anxiety.

Most importantly, keep the lines of communication with your teen open.

If you are concerned about your child’s emotional and/or physical wellbeing, please see your healthcare practitioner or come and speak with our qualified Naturopaths in store.

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