Back to School Essentials

With the school term beginning, it’s time to stock up the pantry and fridge with back to school essentials. These ideas will be a godsend during busy mornings trying to get the kids out the door, and to get them through the afternoons until dinner, while not compromising on nutrition.

Providing your kids nutritious wholefoods will help them stay energised and focused at school…as much as they want lollies instead!


Did you know seaweed is a vegetable? Stock the pantry with GimMe Organic Seawood snacks; a quick option to throw in the lunchbox that’s packed with nutritional value. Crunchy and delicious, the kids won’t know they’re eating a vegetable!

Healthy Chips

Veggie chips, chickpea chips, kraut krisps and organic popcorn are also great pantry staples and taste delicious and crunchy. Check out the veggie and chickpea chips in our bulk section and the many tasty popcorn snacks we have on offer!

Raw almonds

Packed with protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals, almonds make an easy and nutritious snack for the kids to munch on. They’re the perfect pantry staple throughout the school term to keep the kids full; add a handful on breakfast cereals, pop some in their lunchbox or enjoy as an after-school snack.

Coconut yoghurt

If they’re looking for something a bit sweeter, without all the added sugar, try Coyo yoghurt in their perfect 150g snack size. Such a delicious, dairy-free yoghurt alternative free of gluten, soy, honey, nuts, egg and sesame and comes in heaps of tasty flavours! The kids will love taking one to school or as an after-school treat.

Leftover veggies

If you find some carrots, cucumber or even capsicum in the fridge veggie draw, slice them into sticks and pop them in the lunchbox with a small tub of nut butter.

And to keep it all fresh, BPA free…

To keep the kids’ lunches fresh, why not join the war on waste and pick up an Ever Eco’s Stainless Steel Bento Snack Box and a Cheeki Stainless Steel drink bottle. The ultra-sleek plastic-free (and BPA-free) lunch boxes feature 3 compartments so that you can keep sandwiches fresh and free from getting soggy, fruit free of bruises and snacks tidy in a separate compartment. Being stainless steel means kids can sip water from their Cheeki drink bottles without toxic inks, plastic or BPA.

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