Pantry essentials for the festive season

Organic Corn Chips

An all-time favourite amongst adults and kids – perfect for an easy snack dipped into hummus, fresh guacamole or sour cream. Or make a quick salad with corn chips, sliced avocado, sliced tomato and sour cream.


Add some gut-friendly food to Christmas with sauerkraut – the perfect pre-prepared kitchen essential. Loaded with healthy probiotics, it’s a great side dish to have on hand and goes perfectly with veggie dishes, hot and cold meats and sandwich filler with leftover turkey!

Organic popcorn

After an exhausting day of eating, drinking and socialising, pop a movie on and relax on the couch with some organic popcorn. It’ll keep the kids happy and gives you some peace of mind! Add savoury yeast flakes, sea salt or even drizzle over some extra virgin coconut oil.

Raw nuts

When you need to take a break from all the sugar, have some raw nuts on hand. Packed with essential fatty acids, protein and fibre, they make a healthy essential to keep in the pantry during the festive season.

Carob goodies

Carob is a delicious caffeine-free chocolate substitute. It naturally contains less calories then chocolate and is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s also free of theobromine found in chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, so is commonly used to make chocolate tasting treats for our paw pals.

Coconut oil

Help keep your mouth fresh and clean, particularly after festive celebrations, by ‘oil-pulling’ with coconut oil each morning. It also makes a tasty melted topping over muesli and popcorn and is commonly used to create raw desserts.


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