Summer naturopathy remedies

When you’re feeling a bit run down or dusty from all the festive season celebrations, stock up on some of our Naturopath’s essential remedies stay on top of your health. These will help you maintain energy levels, stay hydrated, support your liver and more.

Coconut water

Alcohol and festive system treats can take a toll on hydration and electrolyte levels, disrupting our digestion and skin health. Replenish lost hydration and electrolytes with coconut water by adding it to smoothies or enjoying it straight from the bottle.

Vital Greens

With alkalising and detox properties, add a scoop of Vital Greens to a glass of water. Packed with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Vital Greens is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your nutrition.

Thompson’s Milk Thistle

Provides liver support which is particularly important if you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol. It helps maintain healthy elimination and detoxification function.

Herbs of Gold Mega B Complex

A high potency dose of B group vitamins to help relieve stress and maintain healthy energy levels. With plenty happening during the festive season and it being the end of year, B vitamins may help keep you going without burning out.

Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium

Provides nervous system support to help you get through the busy and often stressful festive system. Magnesium is commonly used to help relax and sleep well, which can counteract alcohol and sugar’s ability to disrupt sleeping patterns.

Healthy Essentials Broad Spectrum Probiotic

Keep you gut and digestive system health strong throughout the festive season with a high potency probiotic. It may also provide support for the absorption of nutrients.


Come into your local Flannerys for complimentary advice and guidance from our qualified Naturopaths to help your health flourish throughout the festive season.

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