5 Awesome Gluten-Free Alternatives

The last thing anyone feels like doing is scrolling through endless websites looking for gluten-free alternatives. Who has time for that these days?! Instead, we’ve done the work for you and have put together 5 quick and easy ingredients to have on-hand that will work wonders next time you need to throw something delicious and gluten-free together: maximum output with minimal effort.

1.  Maca powder

Energising and packed with essential amino acids, maca is a great gluten-free substitute for all your baking needs. Delicious in raw desserts, nut balls and other yummy baking treats; maca hot chocolate is a particular favourite!

2. Coconut Flour

If you’re paleo or just really enjoy eating foods as close to their natural state as possible, coconut flour is a great gluten-free flour substitute. Plus, it adds its lovely coconut flavour.

3. Polenta

Used for centuries in Europe, polenta has a thick and creamy texture and is a great gluten-free alternative in savoury dishes. Crunchy polenta chips are a no-brainer and the kids will love it as a cheesy alternative to potato mash.

4. Buckwheat Pasta

In need of a fast and simple gluten-free pasta idea? Give buckwheat pasta a go! Often mistaken as a grain, buckwheat is a seed with a delicious nutty flavour that’s perfect for simple healthy dinner ideas.

5. Chia Seeds

Swap your usual morning cereal for chia seeds soaked overnight in nut milk. Full of omega-3 essential fatty acids and naturally gluten-free, chia seeds will leave you feeling radiant inside and out.



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