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Looking for a daily dose of happiness, some health and natural beauty tips or the encouragement to lead to a life you love? Then you need to connect with Ange from The Gratitude Project. Ange is a silver-lining exposing mum, wife, writer, speaker, health coach and self love junkie. We sat down with Ange & got know a little more about this inspiring little lady!

Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration

I like to keep it really simple and as nourishing as possible. My obsession at the moment is as simple as sautéing greens with some ginger and tamari, no fuss and so delicious. When you’re feeding a two year old and an extremely health focused husband, it’s important to keep it interesting. We eat mostly plants and I need to make it fun for my daughter and filling for my husband. I’m also a massive sweet tooth and over the years I’ve learnt all the tricks to creating the most amazing desserts that I know will give me bounds of energy and are healthy enough to let my little girl snack on occasionally also!

What are your go to staples in the kitchen?

Coconut oil for high heat cooking and in my desserts, Peace Love and Vegetables Kim Chi with every savoury meal we eat, chia seeds to thicken soups and make our morning green smoothies more like a thick-shake and medjool dates, raw cacao powder, almonds for my sweet creations

What nourishing goodness do you usually start your day with?

Always a green smoothie. We pack it with spinach, a frozen banana then mix up the add ins, raw cacao powder, maca powder, chia seeds, almonds, mushroom powder, spirulina, flax seed oil. Fill it with water and blend it up!

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

All the nuts and seeds, goji berries, coconut oil and coconut water. All the basics, because I find having simple whole ingredients makes it easier to get creative with our next meal.

Any advice for those with food intolerances or beginning to change their lifestyle?

When I decided to change my diet to heal myself, I started slow. I knew my first demon was processed sweets so I took to replacing them with healthy alternatives and worked on that first. Then I slowly added more whole foods, made sure I had greens with every meal, minimised dairy and gluten eventually and I feel like I’ll always be learning and adjusting my diet due to what my body needs at the time. I always recommend people start slowly, but if you’re the type to go all in and love it, just cut the junk and eat real food with no additives or strange ingredients.

Recommended foodie havens?

I love Bare Foods at Paradise Point, it’s my local when I want to head out for lunch or a weekend breakfast. We also love going to Green House Factory in Coolangatta on the weekends and Mandala do amazing healthy pizza!


You can find out more about Ange from The Gratitude Project by visiting her website:


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