Why we love Organic!

Think of the food you eat as being medicine for your body – give it the best possible chance to grow and thrive. If you’re eating clean & healthy whole foods in a balanced way, then your body system will function at a higher energy level.

The food you eat can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Organic food means no chemicals, pesticides, hormones and additives that are added and/or used to produce foods at a quicker rate than nature intended.

Organic food is grown to work with nature and without the use of artificial fertilisers, synthetic drugs, synthetic pesticides and GMOs. Not only are organic foods beneficial for your health but also for the environment, keeping harmful chemicals out of our soil, water and air, ensuring a healthy environment rich with nutrients.

You have a choice to eat  foods that could be Genetically Engineered and grown in soil with chemicals – and then sprayed with chemicals to escalate its growth that sees it get to your kitchen faster …. OR you can purchase organic foods that are grown at the rate nature intended, retaining all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Organic farming is also good for our environment.  There is overwhelming evidence that pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are toxic chemicals that do great harm.  This goes for the environment and our bodies.

Limit the toxins you put in your body and the earth – no pesticides, chemiclas, herbicides or GMO’s and also look for Hormone free dairy and meats.  Less chemicals = less stress on your body and the planet!

We only have one time to be on this earth, so let’s treat our bodies with respect, give it the best chance of making it along this journey called LIFE.

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