Red Velvet Beetroot Pancakes

*vegan, gluten free, *dairy free | Makes 8 pancakes

Recipe provided by Orgran

Spice things up a bit with these velvet red love pancakes. The perfect morning breakfast in bed. The beetroot is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants.


1 packet of Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix

220mm water

75mm *milk of choice

3 eggs, whisked (*or Orgran Egg Replacer, for vegan)

150g fresh beetroot

Vanilla bean coconut yogurt

Dried cranberries

Honey (or maple syrup, for vegan alternative)

Crushed nuts & seeds (choice of pistachios, pumpkin seeds, cashews and sunflower seeds)


  • 1. Peel and dice beetroot. Bring a pot of water to boil and add to pot. Simmer for 30 mins or until tender. Drain and allow to cool.

  • 2. To a blender, add the beetroot along with the 220ml of water and puree.

  • 3. In a deep mixing bowl, add the pancake mix, beetroot puree, milk and eggs. Whisk until well combined.

  • 4. Using 1/3 cup scoop pancake mixture into lightly buttered, small non-stick frying pan.

  • 5. Flip when bubbles appear. Cook each side for approximately 2 mins. Makes approximately 8 pancakes.

  • 6. Serve pancakes with vanilla bean coconut yogurt, honey/or maple syrup, dried cranberries and crushed nuts and seeds.

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