Huevos Rancheros for Father’s Day breakfast

By Debbie Milsom, Naturopath – Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market, Mona Vale

Gluten free


1 tsp olive oil

1 finely chopped leek

2 large fresh tomatoes chopped

1 green capsicum

1 can red kidney beans

Chilli powder or ground cumin to taste (optional)

4 Jimalie Coconut Wraps

Butter or Ghee to cook with

4 fresh organic eggs

Fresh coriander to garnish

Avocado to serve

Rocket or salad mix


  • 1. In a pan with a lid, Sautee leek in butter or ghee until translucent

  • 2. Add the chopped tomatoes, capsicum, spices and any other veg you wish to include, with a little water and simmer for approx. ten mins or until tomatoes are cooked.

  • 3. Add kidney beans and simmer for a few minutes more, until everything is cooked.

  • 4. Make little circle spaces to drop your eggs into the pan and place the lid on to cook your eggs.

  • 5. In a separate pan heat approx. 1 tsp of oil and cook the wraps on each side.

  • 6. Serve rustic on the table in the pan and the wraps separate then you can layer the wrap with some mix from pan with hot sauce, chopped coriander, fresh rocket along with sliced avocado.

  • 7. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds for and added hit of zinc.

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