Vegan Pea and ‘Ham’ Soup

...shown to be extremely beneficial in promoting health and preventing disease, when consumed in moderate amounts. Peas are a rich source of vitamins and mi...

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The Bees Knees: All about Honey

...in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, honey can help boost immune function, and aid digestion, skin conditions and allergies. The colour and t...

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Nuts a nutrition powerhouse


Nuts….a nutrient powerhouse

...the obvious “they’re good for you” line…WHY? Aside from being an easy, on the go snack, these nutrient powerhouses contain essential vita...

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Healthy gut – healthy life

...Traditionally it was produced by leaving glass jars of vegetables to ferment underground for months at a time. Kimchi is rich in vitamins and healthy bac...

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versatile nori dressing

Versatile Nori Dressing

...favourite recipes. Nori and miso are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so you’ve found the perfect way to increase both flavour and n...

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Your free spring magazine is here

We are looking forward to shaking off the cobwebs of winter! Warmer weather brings delicious seasonal fruit and veg to help get our bodies moving [page 10], as well as...

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Quinoa Pesto bowls

...grain. It contains all the essential amino acids making it a complete protein. It is also gluten free, high in fibre and rich in other vitamins & min...

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Fermented Foods Workshop


Functional Fermented Foods by Elise Ryan

...amount of nutrients and minerals to be absorbed and utilised. Fermenting increases enzymes as no heat is required for the process, heat causes vitamins a...

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Tofu nuggets

...low-nutrient food choice, however there’s no denying it’s a favourite within many Australian households. Tofu nuggets with their OWN savoury yeast coating pro...

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Superfood Breakfast Mix

...help last you throughout the day. Nuts and chia seeds are packed with nourishing fats, vitamins and protein, while dried fruit provides a hit of natural ...

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Which nut is right for you?

...from food. If you don’t eat fish, opt for walnuts as a plant-based omega-3 and -6 source. Plus they contain protein, fibre and vitamins that work t...

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Immune-boosting Tofu Noodle Soup

...which are thought to have immune modulating, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. Mushrooms also contain reasonable amounts of B vitamins as well as ...

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