Same Values. Same Team. Different Name


With over 30 years in the industry, our family is expanding to join one of Australia’s most trusted organic stores.

From humble beginnings, the Flannerys family opened their first organic health food store over 30 years ago, with a passion for education & to provide seriously good food – free from harmful pesticides & as close to nature as possible.

From there, the team has grown to 12 stores, plus an exciting new store now open in Sydney’s northern beaches – Mona Vale.

Thank you for your continued support & patience while we freshen up our stores over the next month.

We can’t wait to bring you even more savings, support more local producers & farmers, provide up to date industry knowledge, education & wellness support, plus bring you the latest offers in this exciting industry.

Let’s continue to eat food from the earth and teach our children about the importance of nutrition, good values & supporting their community.


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