We are so excited to launch an online booking platform that allows you to secure a free 15 minute advice session with our qualified naturopaths. If you are seeking guidance on your health and wellness journey then we encourage you to book in for a chat with our friendly Naturopath’s who have helped so many individuals on their path to wellness.
Here are our top five reasons to seek advice and support from our Naturopath’s:

Wellbeing & immune support

Immunity issues can cause a whole array of health problems including regularly occurring colds and flu, virus symptoms, fatigue, general feelings of unwell. Luckily, there are amazing remedies that can offer assistance in boosting your immune system to build it back up to a good strength. Our Naturopaths can guide you on the right products for your body.

Stress & sleep

An overly common problem that a lot of us face is sleep and stress fatigue which can result in our adrenals being worn down and making us feel ‘a little crazy’. Sometimes it can be a matter of a few small tweaks and adjustments in our wellness process to get us back on track and feeling amazing and most importantly, balanced.

Beginning your wellness journey

Sometimes we just don’t know where to start. The overwhelming amount of information we receive can boggle our minds as to what we should be doing. Let us help you, come and have a chat, and our Naturopath’s can guide you on some great starting points to suite you.

Skin conditions & treatments

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are facing skin problems. Our Naturopaths will be able to guide you on the right products to try for your skin type along with some internal/gut healing and rejuvenating. A natural and gentle approach to skin conditions can offer a lot of support to people that have been battling skin conditions their whole life.

Food allergies & guidance

Looking for guidance on food allergies? Our Naturopaths are super knowledgeable when it comes to food intolerances and allergies. They can assist you with the right foods to shop for and where to look to avoid certain ingredients.

Book Now

Please use the below links to book your time slot with one of our amazing Naturopaths.

Paradise Point
Victoria Point
Mona Vale
Crows Nest
Lane Cove


*Please note that this is 15 minutes of advice and is not a full naturopathic consultation. If our Naturopath feels that your health requires a more in depth analysis they will refer you onto a practitioner that you may need to consider booking a full consultation with for further testing and consult. It is not to be substituted from advice by your medical practitioner. It is not a service for you to bring in your medical results (blood test results) for analysis from our Naturopaths in the 15 minutes. If you need analysis of your test results this would require to book a full consultation time with a Naturopath. Flannerys is able to share with you contacts for Naturopaths who do take full consultation bookings if you require this.


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