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Allergies are immune responses where the body detects foreign proteins and produces immunoglobulin antibodies (histamines), causing allergy systems. This can cover sinus, skin, throat, and other inflammatory responses within the body.

Histamines cause inflammation and symptoms include itching, rashes, gut disturbances to the more serve such as anaphylaxis.

If you can identify & remove the cause of this allergic response – that is the best solution to provide relief. Alternatively, if you cannot remove the cause, then there are some wonderful natural supplements that can help manage your symptoms throughout the day.

Hay fever is a common form of allergy due to the pollen of grasses, trees, and other plants. Other antigens can include house dust, animal hair, broken insect parts, fungus spores, feathers, powders, and insecticides. The symptoms of sneezing, running or blocked nose, itching of eyes and watering eyes are due to histamine release and often respond to treatment with antihistamines. Hay fever can also be triggered by diet & stress – both lowering the immune system.

Tips for treating allergies naturally:

  1. Quercetin – is a flavonoid (a natural plant compound found in a plants pigment). It contributes to the vibrant colouring we see in our fruit & vegetables. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant as well as a well-known antihistamine offering allergy support. Another reason to eat a rainbow of organic fruit & veg!


  1. Fusion Allergy; packed with Chinese herbs to aid with upper respiratory symptoms such as nasal congestion, particularly with environmental allergies.


  1. Gut health is important for reducing histamines in your body. Look for a good quality probiotic. There are specialised ones for eczema relief and skin allergies.


  1. Incorporate local honey in your diet, particular with the change of season pollen.
    By supporting your local farmers, you are purchasing fresh honey that is locally produced by the bees in your area – helping to introduce localised pollen to your system ahead of time.


  1. Choose low toxicity body washes, detergents, household cleaners and skin care.
    Reducing chemicals in your immediate environment and irritants from fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemical cleaners can help to ease any skin allergies / flareups.


Skin allergies are often painful, uncomfortable, and disruptive to your daily life. It might be time to swap any body wash or skin cream to one specifically designed to hydrate and sooth conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Visiting a naturopath can help identify triggers in your environment that could be contributing to any allergy symptoms as well as looking at ways to strengthen your

immune system response. Diet, limiting stress, prioritizing gut health, removing triggers, and changing to chemical free household items are areas we can help with.


Helen Raisin: BHSc. Naturopath / Nutritionist 
Flannerys Paddington

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