Easter Feasting

This year especially – Easter is a great time to get stuck in the kitchen making delicious treats for the family. From home made hot-cross buns, easter eggs, Sunday lunch ideas and chocolate snacks – try something new, get the kids involved or visit an old favourite from our list of goodness below.

You can substitute ANY type of chocolate that suits your pantry or dietary needs. From carob, milk, dark, white chocolate varieties – experiment and enjoy this Easter weekend.



Chocolate fig, pecan & oat cookies

With only 10 minutes in the oven, the sweet smell of these oat cookies baking in your home will cause your family to flood into the kitchen. Packed full of pantry staples such as oats, vanilla, butter & sugar – you can substitute the dried figs for apricots or sultanas if you don’t have any figs plus if carob is not your thing … try a little dark chocolate. A great option to bake ahead to store in the pantry OR have warm out of the oven with a little ice cream for further indulgence!



Homemade Vego Easter Eggs

No time to pop down the shops OR self isolating at home? Here’s a super quick Easter egg recipe to try in your own kitchen. Just 10 minutes to make, with 4 simple ingredients! For those that are yet to experience the joy of Vego chocolate … this dreamy vegan chocolate bar tastes just like smooth chocolate spread, with chunks of roasted hazelnuts inside. Bliss …




Carob & coconut Easter baskets

Crunchy toasted coconut baskets filled with a little sweetness thanks to dried fruit & melted chocolate. Something a little different for an Easter treat, and again – you can substitute the fruit & chocolate options for whatever you have on hand on the pantry. These also make a great little gift to pop on your neighbors door step .. or for the Easter Bunny!




Wasabi Salmon Poke Bowl

Recreate a delicious poke bowl at home, with one of our favourite dressings from the Naked Byron Food Company – Wasbi Mayo. Play around and add more veggies if you need – swap out the quinoa for rice or pasta, or just use what you have on hand. We LOVE the Good Fish company – as every product has been impeccably sourced from the world’s safest fishing havens, leaving no ecological or social damage behind. Alaskan Salmon is 100% wild caught in the peak of the Alaskan season, snapped frozen immediately and preserved in Certified Organic extra virgin olive oil. Every process is done with love by hand, all under fair trade conditions too … so much goodness on one plate!




Good Friday fish cakes

This is one we know the kids will love! Tasty and crunchy, they’re a perfect gluten and dairy-free alternative served with a fresh salad and a squeeze of fresh lemon. You could also pair these with some home made sweet potato fries as well.




Garlic Pullapart Spelt Loaf

Why leave the house for fresh bread, when you can make your own. It’s super easy … and maybe something to master during this isolation period. Spelt is a fantastic option for those seeking lower-gluten flour alternatives for easier digestion (note, spelt is not GF and is simply lower in gluten) or something to try if you’re having trouble finding normal flour at the moment. Enjoy warm straight for the oven!




Try our Homemade Chocolate Twix

The easiest most tasty treat that the entire family will enjoy! This layered homemade chocolate twix bar has three parts… cookie, caramel & choc. These bars are also perfect to keep in the freezer for whenever you’re in the need for a sweet pick-me-up.


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Have a healthy & happy Easter from all of us at Flannerys!

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