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Support your immune system this winter!

Is winter a time of consistent colds and flu for you and your family? Winter is one of the most challenging times to protect your family’s health from the elements.

Adults and children commonly suffer from mild upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), including colds and flu during winter. Children are more susceptible to colds, flu and mild URTIs as they don’t have a fully developed immune system. It’s estimated that children average between 6-8 URTIs each year, with the majority occurring in winter. Make your family’s health is a priority this year by supporting their immune system function with nutrients and herbs.


Don’t discount the importance of good nutrition. Vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc are nutrients that help support immune function. Zinc is a trace mineral that is found in all body tissues and fluid. High concentrations of zinc are found in skeletal muscles, bones, skin, the brain, eyes (particularly the macula), liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney and prostate. Zinc plays important roles in the body, including maintaining eye, skin and immune system health. Furthermore, it also acts as an antioxidant to help protect cells from free radical damage and oxidative stress. Try and increase your zinc intake by including foods such as pumpkin seeds, grass fed beef and cashews in your diet.

Do you prefer juicing? Why not add some blackberries, pomegranate, raspberries or guava to your next smoothie to boost your zinc intake! If you feel you need some additional zinc in your diet, you can use a supplement like Herbs of Gold Ultra Zinc +. Ultra Zinc + is available in an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule to help maintain healthy immune system function.

winter wellness


It’s important to make sure your children are eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to support their general wellbeing. In winter, try and increase their intake of vitamin C rich foods including oranges, tomatoes, kiwi fruit and strawberries. If you find that your child is consistently getting sick, they may need some additional support. Herbs of Gold Children’s Immune Care is a comprehensive herbal and nutritional formula that combines Echinacea and Acerola fruit with vitamins and minerals. It’s specifically developed for children to support and maintain a healthy immune system. Children’s Immune Care is available in a delicious strawberry-vanilla tasting chewable tablet naturally sweetened with xylitol.

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