Post-Christmas cheer…how to maintain that festive spirit!


Post-Christmas Cheer!

Post-Christmas cheer…how to maintain that festive spirit!

It’s always magic to see people in the festive spirit, feeling joyful, grateful and looking forward to the Christmas break.

Now the Christmas festivities have ended some of you may be feeling in need of an energy boost, a cleanse and de-clutter. The start of a New Year often arouses in people the feelings of renewal and new beginnings. A time to let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good. An ideal occasion to set some positive intentions for what you are hoping to create.

Upholding Energy

January could be a good time to book an appointment with one of our Naturopaths if you are starting the New Year deactivated. Some of the reasons behind low energy can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies, such as low Iron, or B12, low thyroid function, or adrenal fatigue and poor sleep.  Addressing any underlying nutritional deficiencies or organ dysfunction early-on can set you up for a healthier and happier year. If Iron and B12 are found to be low we have some amazing Iron formulas that are gentle on the stomach, don’t have the nasty side effect of constipation and are highly absorbable. Energy tonics like Fusions Energy Formula contain a range of Ginsengs – such as Siberian, Indian, Korean and American as well as Reishi mushroom and Astragalus. These can help to relieve fatigue, lethargy and enhance physical performance and resistance to stress.


To help lighten the load on the digestive processes and liver (after a little festive season indulgence), fasting, cleansing or detoxing the organs may be needed. Check out Lee Holmes book “Fast Your Way to Wellness” for some inspiration, recipes and guidelines on intermittent fasting. For a full system cleanse, Lifestream have developed a plant based, sustainable Healthy Bowel Cleansing Kit. Fusion Health also offer a range of detoxification formulas such as Liver Tonic; Kidney Tonic and Detox tablets.

De-clutter Your Space

De-cluttering your home and giving it an energetic cleanse can allow for more positivity to flow into your life. Set yourself a list of all the areas in your home that are feeling a bit jumbled and start with one room at a time. Donate, recycle, or have a garage sale for those items you no longer need.

Cleansing the air

The smoke of white sage has been traditionally used by the native people of North and South America to purify and sweep away any negative energy. Smudging (as it is often referred to), involves lighting a White Sage smudge stick, gently blowing on the embers to create smoke, and moving the smudge stick in a counter clockwise circle around your home or room. The Australian Bush Flower Essences Space Clearing Mist is another method to clear negative energies and cleanse a room. The Space Clearing Essence Mist purifies and releases environments with built-up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies and helps to restore balance. Australian Bush Flower Essences offer purifying drops that can be taken internally to help clear away any emotional burdens.

Setting positive intentions for the New Year

Using affirmations can help re-wire the brain towards a more positive attitude. There are many websites and apps on the internet to guide you in writing your own positive affirmations. Using other techniques like “Tapping” or EFT can also steer you closer to your goals. This can also help remove any blocks, fears or phobias that may be holding you back. Vision boards can give you clarity for what you would like your life to look like and goal setting. Keeping a gratitude diary is also a great reminder to appreciate and be grateful for things in your daily life. Whether it’s as simple as witnessing a beautiful sunset, spending time with loved ones, or receiving something you’ve always wanted…there is always something to be grateful for.

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