Getting through the silly season with stress & sleep support


Stress and sleep support – Getting through the silly season

The school year is coming to an end, extracurricular activities are finishing up for the year, if it weren’t for the silly season everyone might be winding down for the year but the reality is that for many people this is the busiest and most stressful time of the year. So what stress and sleep support practices can we use to avoid losing ourselves?

Getting Organised

Get organised early, make lists and stick to them, prepare what you can in advance and be realistic with your time. Delegate the workload so that it’s not just one person doing the food preparation or gift purchasing.

Stick to a budget

Stick to the budget, overextending yourself at Christmas time is easy to do when there is so much temptation around every corner (this is where the lists come in). Secret Santa gifts can save a lot of time and money when you have a large family to buy for.

Take a time out

Take some time out for yourself, this is not always easy to do with all the social events, Christmas parties and carols by candlelight, but take a walk and clear your head, have a cuppa, take a bath or read a chapter of a book. I absolutely love the Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve to read into the night, perhaps this is something to endeavour towards.

Sleep and Breathe

A good night’s sleep boosts your immune system, improves your mood and allows you to be more productive and focused. Adults should aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Breathe, that’s right, Breathe! It would amaze you to know how often you are holding your breath. Take five minutes just to sit and focus on your breath.

Our top 5 stress and sleep support products

If you find that you need a little extra help to relax or get off to sleep over the silly season, here are 5 of our favourite picks;

Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Essence

A balancing blend of natural bush flowers to help you cope with a busy lifestyle, daily dramas and life’s emergencies. Suitable for Adults, Children and even your pets.

Schuessler Tissue Salts Nerve Tonic

A combination of tissue salts that are traditionally used for the relief of mild anxiety.

Herbs of Gold Stress Ease

An adrenal tonic that may help to alleviate stress and fatigue and support mental clarity.

Epzen Relax Bath Crystals

Magnesium bath crystals infused with a range of essential oils that promote relaxation. Light some candles or grab a book and soak in a warm bath or alternatively use them as a foot soak.

English Tea Shop Sleepy Me Tea

Sip on a cup before bed or at any time of the day for a gentle calming effect.


by Amy Gilbert Naturopath

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