A small change can create a world of difference

Most of us have heard and seen the mantra – ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, but what does it actually mean?

Becoming more proactive with reducing, reusing and recycling starts in the home. In order for us to become more mindful about our wastage and still have the time to go about our busy daily lives, it takes a tribe to support an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. To help you make a shift towards, or to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, we have a range of everyday household items that are compostable and ideal for kicking-off your conscious contribution to the environment at home.

If you see the green Compost-A-Pak at the registers or in our fresh produce department, know that you are holding a 100% compostable, plastic-free bag. Compost-A-Pak are Australian certified compostable for both commercial and at home composting. This recycling system in essence works as a single entity, corn kernels taken from the earth to make these bags and then put back into the earth as compost to create rich soil for future planting.

BioBags are another environmentally-friendly plastic alternative to opt for, as their bags break down into harmless organic matter instead of harmful microplastics. We stock a range of BioBags, including food storage bags, kitchen caddie bags, and pet waste bags. BioBag products will break down into organic matter anywhere there’s oxygen and microorganisms, including on land and in water, leaving no toxic residues behind.

Also look out for our eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable cleaning items, such as Safix scrub pads made from organic coconut fiber, or personal hygiene products made from bamboo and which are 100% biodegradable.

Incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish at the same time. There is an array of chic and well-designed, eco-friendly products now available that are not only practical, they also look great! Cheeki is at the frontier with swapping single-use items for innovative stainless steel options. Being motivated to protect our beautiful coastline, ocean and marine life from plastic pollution, Cheeki have created healthy, sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic. Their range includes water bottles, coffee cups and mugs, lunchboxes, food jars, reusable straws in four gorgeous colours and tumblers.

Just add water! BPA free plastic and great to have on hand over the hot summer days…Refill and replenish without the waste. The Enviro 2.2-litre is perfect for staying hydrated as it holds your daily requirement of water and is available in three different colours. Great for cleanses or supplement regimens that require close monitoring of your water intake. Take along on hikes, camping trips, to the gym or for a day at the beach.

Green living starts with us, so we’ve include some tips to help you generate a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Overly packaged items at the supermarket such as fruits and vegetables in plastic wrapping or on foam trays –  bring your own reusable produce bags for small items in the fruit and veg section;
  • Decline plastic straws in cafes and bars – use paper or metal straws where possible;
  • Say no to plastic cutlery – have your own at work;
  • Buy in bulk where possible and save on the packaging
  • Swap your disposable coffee cups for a reusable one;
  • Swap single-use plastic bags for reusable bags – even at shops that aren’t supermarkets;
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you;
  • Bring your own lunch to work and reduce take away container use –  saves money and plastic;
  • Instead of cling wrap consider using beeswax wraps or a reusable alternative.
Recycle (right)
  • Almost all Australians live in a council that collects plastic containers and bottles, aluminium and steel cans, paper and card packaging for recycling. Check with your local council for specific guidelines;
  • Look out for products that contain the Australasian Recycling Label clarifying what packaging is recyclable;
  • Avoid non-recyclables such as – plastic bags, scrap metals, styrofoam, plastic wrappings.

At Flannerys, we are continuously working to improve what we do at our end.
This year, we’ve implemented a number of initiatives to Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.
From changing all our of single use cafe items over to 100% Certified Compostable cups, straws, napkins & cutlery.
Plus – offering our customers FREE Certified Compostable bags for taking your goods home as well as the use of all of our recycled brown boxes.

Even with these initiatives – we still have alot more to do.
Ultimately, the aim for us all is to REDUCE our waste and use of unnecessary items.

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