Enrich yourself ethically with vegan beauty

Nadia Shaw, Flannerys Naturopath.

Okay, so we know that what we consume internally is important, organic produce and clean eating is necessary for good health. So what about what we put on our bodies?

Making ethical choices is important for the planet and our bodies. When looking at vegan skin care we are looking for products that are free from animal testing, also known as cruelty-free and free from animal products such as lanolin, gelatin and animal fats. These ingredients are easily replaced by plant alternatives and some of the leading organic and natural skin care brands offer beautiful products to fit this ethos.

So, what’s available at Flannerys? Well heaps…let’s dive in!

Inika certified organic and vegan makeup is truly leading the way in luxe natural makeup. We love it! When choosing from the Inika range you can be sure that the products are free from animal derived ingredients. They offer a wide range of foundations, both liquid and powders, funky eyeshadow pallets and awesome brushes that are free from animal hair. Check them out: INIKA Organic


Sienna nail-polishes are true-to-form eco-friendly and Byron-bay-delicious nail colours. Sienna is committed to their core values of sustainability and cruelty-free and is a wonderful vegan-friendly brand. The colours are amazing, and they boast an awesome natural nail-polish remover as part of their range. For more: Sienna Byron Bay


Schmidts deodorants work! Yes, you heard me, they won’t stain your clothes and they are great for odour control coming into summer! Another fab brand with awesome values and standards; using mineral and plant-based ingredients…this company is truly ticking all the boxes. Read on: Schmidts


Hurraw lip balms – a hip, vegan brand with an enormous range of flavours and colours to select from. Instead of beeswax, they use wild crafted Candelilla wax, which comes from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub.  Here some further info: Hurrawbalm


These are an example of our top-sellers, but come in-store and chat to one of our friendly staff to help you choose a vegan-friendly, natural skin care that is gentle on your skin and the environment.





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