Dry July? Ways to nurture your body whilst stopping the booze

By Nadia Shaw, Naturopath, Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market

Dry July is a fundraising initiative which supports people suffering with cancer and has inspired many people to abstain from alcohol for a month for a worthy cause and good health.

Some of the benefits of excluding booze for a month include:

  • Giving your liver a break
  • Improving your sleep
  • Saving on cash- boozy nights add up
  • Focusing on your health in other ways too, such as improving your diet and increasing your exercise.

Here are our 4 top pick supplements to optimise your Dry July efforts:


Alcohol can have a deleterious effect on the wellbeing of the gut. “L-glutamine is an important fuel for the intestinal mucosal cells (1).” It also helps support liver cells and the cells of the immune system. This nutrient is used widely by naturopaths to aid the healing of the lining of the gut wall. This is important for optimal absorption and assimilation of your foods and vitamins.

Evening Primrose oil:

“Essential Fatty Acids are major structural components of the brain and through their effects on membrane properties are essential for the proper actions of neurotransmitters and nerve conduction (1). “Alcohol consumption can lead to deficiencies of these important essential fatty acids. For optimal brain health increase your consumption essential fatty acids, via evening primrose oil, fish oils and regular consumption of fish.


Alcohol consumption may deplete the body of B vitamins. These are easily restored with a high-quality B complex which can provide the nutrients required by the body in times of increased stress, to improve energy levels and even assist the liver to work properly.

Milk thistle:

Milk thistle is wonderfully restorative to liver cells and is known to repair and optimize function. It is found in trusted liver formulas such as Fusion Milk Thistle and Fusion Liver tonic. This is a powerful ally in a detox.

Our friendly in-store naturopaths are happy to assist you in finding the right products and foods to boost your health and improve outcomes.

To learn more about Dry July see: www.dryjuly.com

(1) Herbs & Natural Supplements: an evidence based guide. Braun, L & Cohen, M. 2010.

(2) https://www.dryjuly.com/health

This article is for educational purposes only. Always seek health advice from your healthcare professional.


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