By Mason Taylor, Owner of Superfeast

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2018, the year of the mushroom in the global health world. I’d like to explore with you why I believe medicinal mushrooms are trending like crazy and being used by millions around the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see these adaptogenic mushie medicines being accepted into people’s personal apothecaries. For thousands of years’ herbalists, healers and traditional people have used the fruiting bodies of these mushrooms that grow on trees, as food herbs to bring overall health and resilience. Now the modern world is ready to do the same.

 People don’t want to be sick anymore

One of the most beautiful things about medicinal mushrooms is they are food for the immune system. They are also toners of the immune system, basically meaning they increase the function, accumulating in benefits over time as you take more mushrooms, and begin to lift the immunity of the body to a level that ideally keeps us as protected as possible in this pathogenic world.

The beta-glucans in medicinal mushrooms especially dock into immune-receptors, including Dectin 1 and compliment receptors, activating many complex immunological actions that prevent illness.

They’re adaptogenic

Medicinal mushrooms are the ones that are adaptogenic. This means they’re herbs that:

  • Help the body adapt to all kinds of stress so it stays healthy.
  • Doesn’t work in one way or direction, meaning if the immune system needs to go down, it’ll be helped down, if it needs to lift, it will help lift.
  • Accumulates in benefits, meaning the longer you take them, the more your constitutional health will build and shift towards an ability to adapt towards balance at all times; aka being epically healthy.

Adaptogens in their own right are in the limelight right now due to the fact that everyone in the modern world is CRAZY stressed out, and adaptogens are literally herbs (in this case medicinal mushrooms) that aid the body in adapting the nervous system, adrenals etc. to the stress, so it doesn’t cause any harm. Basically your body knows what to do when it’s stressed and doesn’t just have to release a whole lot of cortisol, which leads to adrenal fatigue and then degeneration. People are sick of being tired and stressed and are turning to healthier lifestyles and adaptogens.

Desire for unity on the rise

One of the key yet underrated benefits of medicinal mushrooms is their ability to unify the systems, organs, cells and tissue of the physical body. Why is this so critical? Because when the body is disconnected, with chemical (especially immune-based) and electrical communications can’t land where they need too with the sophistication that the body is capable of, then blockages and deficiencies arise. Leading to increased stress, illness and degeneration. Medicinal mushrooms can help with this based on their ability to feed and nourish the extracellular matrix and fascia of the body while bringing balance and toning to the nervous and endocrine system.

Mushies aid digestion…and everyone’s digestions seem to suck!

Seeing that it’s finally caught on that medicinal mushrooms are amazing for gut health they’re now getting way more attention. The movement and awareness around optimising digestive tract health is AMAZING, probiotics, fibre, clays etc. have been stealing the show, but now the role of mushrooms in restoring gut health has been recognised. There are very primordial immune receptors within the gut tissue that specifically recognise the beta-glucans in medicinal mushrooms. From here a very complex activation of the immune system occurs including stimulation of often atrophied aspects of the immunity. Secondly the fibre and polysaccharides of mushrooms make for some very special prebiotic food for the established probiotics in the gut that only these noble fungi can offer, making for some great nutritional upgrades to the bacterial community that keep us healthy. Lion’s mane and reishi are especially good at this bacterial feeding.

Some of our favourite mushrooms are chaga, reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane, and they’re here as allies for your potentiated health. I’m so excited that these transformational herbs are reaching so deep into the populations of the modern world. If you’re wanting to dive into the magical world of mushies then we recommend starting with SuperFeast’s Mason’s Mushrooms, this has been crafted using 8 wild-crafted mushies to give you the full-spectrum of benefits listed above and many more. Enjoy the ride.

About Mason:

Mason Taylor is a health educator and host of The Mason Taylor Show podcast. He is a passionate tonic herbalist and founder of Australia’s leading tonic herb company, SuperFeast. Mason is dedicated to teaching people of all walks of life how to embrace and benefit from the healing forces of nature as they create a unique and dynamic health philosophy. A long and happy life is the intention. Mason also brings a refreshing and cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast, and life, because longevity relies on a good belly laugh.

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