Muscle Fatigue and Our Top 5 Muscle Recovery Products

By Arabella Hickson, BHSc Nutrition – Flannerys Organic and Wholefood Market, Taringa.

We all know the pain and discomfort of tired and sore muscles, whether it be from a hard day’s work, exercise, carrying little kids around, getting sick or feeling lethargic. Possible causes of muscle fatigue is micro damage to muscle fibers, overuse of a particular muscle or stress on the body… but what can we do about it and how can we help our muscles recover quicker so that we can continue to be active and healthy with plenty of movement in our days.

We have highlighted our top 5 muscle recovery products:

1. ISOWHEY SPORTS, UltraMag Magnesium.

This oral powder of Magnesium is great post exercise to encourage and support muscle recovery. It contains supplements that aid in magnesium’s absorption and act in a way to enhance its function. As well as activated B vitamins to assist with fatigue and digestive enzymes to optimize amino acid absorption. The consumption of this supplement is easy, just mix one scoop with 200mL of water or juice.

2. Luvin Life, Magnesium Chloride Flakes.

A hot bath is great for muscle relaxation but with the addition of one to three cups of Luvin Life’s Magnesium Chloride Flakes, your muscles can heal much faster.

3. VIVO, Alkaline Complete Protein.

This is a raw, organic and fully vegan protein containing all essential amino acids. Therefore, it provides the building blocks needed to repair your muscles. It is available in a variety of delicious flavours making it a pleasure to consume with liquid or food.

4. Thompson’s, One-A-Day Celery 5000.

Celery is a traditional western herbal medicine used for a variety of reasons. One of which is to promote relaxation attributed to its muscular skeletal relaxant properties. By taking one tablet daily with food your muscles will love you for it.

5. Morlife, Alkalising Greens.

This tasty oral powder will aid the muscular repair process by balancing the bodies pH for an optimum level of recovery. One scoop can be consumed up to four times a day with water, juice, smoothies or food.

Muscle Fatigue is inevitable, but there are many natural ways we can help our bodies recover. My personal favorite, and probably the most self-indulgent, is Luvin Life’s Magnesium Chloride Flakes.

Speak with our qualified Naturopaths about the best products to support your body. Visit your closest Flannerys store for free advice today.

This article is for educational purposes only. Always seek health advice from your healthcare professional.

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