NEW In store – gluten free goodness

We’re constantly looking for new products packed with goodness and our team have found some delicious gluten free goods this year… we are truly blessed to have many talented locals among us getting creative in the kitchen.

Here’s our pick of what we are currently loving:

Gluten Free Bread options

Have you tried the Sol Bakery gluten free breads? Or the popular Venerdi paleo bread

Then there’s the vast array of sprouted breads such as those from Pure Life. The sprouting process retains grain nutrients, increases vitamin and mineral levels plus they’re free from additives, preservatives, yeast, salt, sugars, flour or added gluten!

Or try Naturis Organic Breads;

Artisan organic breads for the health and taste conscious food lover | Gluten free | Vegetarian | Vegan | Yeast free | Wheat free | Candida diet

Make sure you check out their Buckwheat Loaf.

Cake/baking mixes

Well & good baking mixes are one of our go-to’s. Deliciously easy gluten, dairy & nut free baking mixes that are great to have on hand or whip up for school lunches.

The choc mouse cupcakes are pretty drool worthy:

Pasta Lovers

There are so many good gluten free pastas now or your can always revert to the easy zucchini noodles! (grab yourself a spiraliser & twist zucchini to make long noodles). Other favourites include: Explore cuisine pastas, which are made from different legumes such as green lentil penne.

For those that are just wheat sensitive – try the delicious Girolomoni spelt pasta range.

Pizza Base

Everyone needs a good pizza base substitute if you’re eliminating gluten from your diet.
Check out the Schar pre-made bases, or make your own with Monica’s pizza base mix!

Hemp Love

If you haven’t been introduced to the amazing benefits of Hemp – why not give it a try. New in store is the amazing range from 13 Hemp Foods and there’s plenty for gluten sensitive lovers to rejoice over.

Try this delicious Hemp Hot Choc .. perfect for the change of season.

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