Adopting diabetes-friendly foods into your diet

Choosing foods that are ‘diabetes-friendly’ focuses on fresh, wholesome foods and removes sugar-laden and high saturated fat choices, such as lollies and fried foods. While this is typical of a healthy diet, being diabetes-friendly can also include specific foods and drinks that have shown evidence of producing favourable effects on blood glucose levels. For example, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon.

Adopting these foods into your everyday life may help reduce your risk long-term of Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease…

Next time you’re in your local Flannerys, check out these diabetic-friendly food and drinks:

  • SOL Bread Megagrain Sourdough: low GI to sustain you throughout the day. Create a healthy sandwich for the kids, or enjoy toasted with a protein-rich spread, like nut butter.
  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar: the acetic acid in vinegar may have favourable benefits on blood sugar levels. Add a dash to your smoothie, fresh juice or with warm/cold water. Note: it’s a good idea to dilute vinegar first, rather than drinking by itself, as it may contribute towards erosion of teeth enamel.
  • Beanitos Chips: if you love savoury snacks, bean chips are a great low-saturated fat chip alternative. Made from legumes, these chips are filling, high in fibre and protein to help keep you full for longer. Unlike many other chips, they’re free of MSG, gluten, added sugar, artificial colours, trans fats, GMOs and more.
  • 2 Die 4 Activated Organic Almonds: being certified organic, you can rest assured these almonds are free of synthetic chemicals. Almonds may help keep blood sugar levels stable, so enjoy a handful as a healthy snack or add to your morning muesli for a bit of extra crunch.
  • Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt: Low in sugar and saturated fat, yoghurt is a healthy addition to smoothies and muesli and is a filling snack with fresh fruit. Its probiotics help boost gut health, leaving your digestive system feeling happy and nourished.
  • Bob’s Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats: a satisfying and healthy way to start the day. Low GI, full of fibre and beta glucans to help keep blood sugar levels stable. Add cinnamon to your porridge, it may play a role in stabilising blood glucose levels.

Remember! Prevention is key for lifestyle-related diseases, like type 2 diabetes. Try adopting a healthy lifestyle with nourishing foods and regular activity. Speak to our in-store Naturopaths and Nutritionists for complimentary advice.

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