Gluten Free Done Right

Going gluten free may help clear up uncomfortable health issues such as bloating, diarrhea and flatulence. Even if your body doesn’t have a serious problem with gluten called coeliac disease, many people report just feeling healthier day-to-day eating gluten free.

But there is a trap that many people can fall into. After feeling constantly tired and bloated, I decided to try removing gluten from my diet, with the mindset that as long as it was gluten free, it was fine for me to eat. The problem is many gluten-free products out there are sugar-laden or packed with preservatives and additives. So, while eating gluten free can help clear up existing symptoms, it’s still important to choose healthy options.

Here are my tips for how to eat gluten free the right way and avoid the traps:

Check the ingredients

When choosing gluten-free snacks or staples like pasta, try choosing products made predominantly from wholefoods like fruit, nuts, vegetables and seeds. If you can’t understand ingredients with long, complex chemical names, try and find a healthier option. It can be a trap eating highly processed gluten-free alternatives, despite there being plenty of healthy wholefood gluten-free options available.

Choose naturally-occurring sugars

Fruit (whether fresh, dried or frozen), honey and other naturally-occurring sugars contain plenty more nutrients compared to table sugar and artificial sweeteners. This especially applies when eating gluten-free foods because gluten is sometimes replaced with a heap of added sugar, offering no health benefits.

Choose bulk foods

Bulk foods are typically in their ‘whole’ form which means they retain their nutrients! Make sure you stock your pantry with plenty of raw nuts, seeds, legumes and healthy gluten-free grain alternatives like quinoa and buckwheat. Bulk snacks, like nuts and seeds, are great to have on hand when you’re feeling peckish on the go, as many cafes and shops don’t offer gluten-free options.

Eat wholegrains

Although gluten is predominantly found in staples like pasta and bread, it’s still important to be eating plenty of wholegrains to fuel your body. Fortunately, there are plenty of local businesses making healthy gluten-free muesli, breads, pasta, sauces, crackers and other alternatives you’ll find in your local Flannerys.

On top of these options, you can also find plenty of naturally gluten-free wholegrains, including:

  • Brown rice
  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Amaranth
  • Wild rice
  • Sorghum

Flannerys provides thousands of nutritious gluten-free goodies, including snacks, drinks and everyday essentials. Come in store and speak with our qualified Naturopaths for recommendations to suit your needs.


Words by Lucy Eva

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