Our Top 3 Chemicals to Avoid When Selecting Hair Care

Do you ever try to understand the ingredients in your hair care products? It’s terrifying! With unpronounceable names and a jumble of numbers, many hair care products contain harsh chemicals that leave hair dry and damaged. Like fruit and vegetables, hair care has a ‘dirty dozen’ list calling out the most harmful ingredients found in products. But there are some hair care brands that stand firmly against using harsh chemicals, such as Giovanni Professional Hair Care. Rather than trying to decipher every ingredient, let us tell you the top 3 chemicals to avoid and regain healthier, stronger hair.



Parabens are preservatives widely used in hair care, make-up and skin care products to extend their shelf life. Commonly used parabens in hair care are butylparaben, ethylparaben and methylparaben. Being a preservative, parabens may cause skin irritations, allergic reactions and potentially lead to hormonal disruptions.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

Sulfates are chemicals used in shampoos, soaps and cleaning products that generate a foamy lather. The trouble is that the harsh suds can strip hair of its natural oils and irritate skin. This can leave hair dry and damaged, particularly if it has previously been coloured. If that’s not enough, sulfates may be toxic to the natural environment.


Phthalates, such as butyl benzyl phthalate, are softeners in personal care products and give flexibility to children’s plastic toys. They’re also used to preserve a product’s smell, so are commonly listed as ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ in hair care products. Phthalates may aggravate skin conditions, such as eczema. While it can be difficult to know if a product contains phthalates, look out for packaging that states ‘free of phthalates’ or ‘phthalate-free’.

Another important thing to consider…

No animal testing

Look out for official third-party certification that a product has not been tested on animals. Similar to being certified organic, these logos can only be used when a product has been audited by a trusted organisation, such as PETA. See the following guide of logos to trust via CHOICE:



Giovanni Professional Hair Care is free of parabens, SLS and SLES, and phthalates. They do not test their products on animals. The best part? Giovanni is on special in July! Come in store and pick up your Giovanni products and start working towards stronger, shinier hair.

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