What is Naturopathy?

Here at Flannerys we offer a holistic approach to wellness and our qualified Naturopaths can support you with all of your health and wellness needs.

What is Naturopathy?

When you come in to talk with one of our experienced naturopaths, you will be asked questions about your health history, diet, stress levels & will discuss what brought you here. From there, our Naturopath will look at what system(s) of your body needs support.

Naturopathy assesses the body and listens to what your symptoms are, then offers advice. Supplement & nutrition guidance, along with herbal tonic guidance to get back on track and feeling your best. Naturopaths help facilitate the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain good health. From there, you can set up any further consultations needed in conjuction with futher medical guidance.

Why would you use this service?

Our Qualified Naturopaths stay up to date with key findings & the latest scientific research. The most common reasons to visit our Naturopaths is to ask for advice on: seasonal allergies, cold and flu and feeling run down, stress, mild sleep disturbance, mild digestive complaints, mild menopausal symptoms and energy. Our Flannerys Naturopaths can suggest supplements & nutrition advice to help support you body & mind.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you feeling run down? Not coping with stress well? Our Flannerys Naturopaths will direct you to the right supplements that can help support your body and mind.

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