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Tired of the same old breakfast

loving earth breakfast

Loving Earth Buchini’s

hello crunchy goodness!
Our friends over at Loving Earth have taken breakfast to a whole new level by creating ‘buckini’s’ (their word for delicious activated & dehydrated buckwheat)
Add these to your favourite smoothie bowls, fruit salads, as a added ingredient to your home-made muesli / breakfast bar or just eat them straight from the packet.
Our pick .. the chocolate clusters ( buckwheat, cacao, coconut, currents & cacao nibs)
* gluten & grain free – whoo hoo!

chunky paleo granola

The Monday Food Co Paleo Granola

Created in the kitchen of this local Byron couple, their chunky granola range will make Monday’s more awesome! From Hazelnut, Fig & Cardamon – Pecan, Pear & Vanilla – or Almond, Mango, Pineapple & Coconut you’ll be tempted to eat this for dessert too.
* 100% organic, gluten, grain & sugar free granola + nutritionally based on the paleo ethos

peace love & vegetables sauerkraut

Peace, Love & Vegetables Organic Kim Chi & Sauerkraut

Yet another Byron goodie we have stocked in the fridge for those
savory cravings. Kick start that digestion with a healthy dose of fermented veggies first up in the morning.
We love it on top of organic poached eggs or the ever faithful, avo on toast – delish!
* organic, paleo, vegan , gluten free

amazonia acai

Amazonia Acai

Don’t go out for breakfast .. stay in & blend.
The trick is to freeze your bananas the night before, then blend with a pack of frozen Amazonia Acai & a splash of our coconut water. Yes .. it’s really that easy. So hydrating for these hot summer days – the fun part is getting creative with your toppings!
Find these frozen packs of goodness in our freezers.
* 2 frozen bananas + one packet of Acai + 1/3 cup coconut water

ancient grain bread

Ancient Grains Bread

Yeast & dairy free breads that taste a-mazing.
Sourdough cobb loafs, kamut & spelt varieties + organic rye .. made from beautiful
organic flours. Topped off with local organic avocado, lemon juice & crunchy Himalayan salt. Or for the sweet tooth’s – smear our home made peanut butter all over & top with fresh banana slices. * we look after our gluten free friends as well thanks to Sol Breads, Britts Organic Bakery & more.

Remember to tag us in your breakfast creations @flannerysorganic

* please note not all our stores stock the same variety of products.
Contact your local Flannerys to ask what they have on hand!

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