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As the leading natural & organic supermarket in South East Queensland, we know all to well that heading out for a meal when you have certain dietary can be a complete nightmare. However there is one place we can go, and know for certain, that they will have something to suit everyone – BSKT Cafe, Nobby Beach, Gold Coast.

BSKT Cafe is a buzzing hype of activity, it’s a health food restaurant that also does yoga classes (pretty cool, huh?). Vegans, those with food intolerances or anyone who loves a good bite to eat – rejoice! BSKT Cafe is about to become your new hang.

Flannerys are thrilled to have BSKT Cafe as a #FlannerysFoodie – it’s a wonderful business within our community we really connect with. We recently sat down with Selasi Berdie, BSKT Director to get you all the insider info on everything BSKT. He even gave us a few BSKT exclusive recipes: Mexican Chilli Bean Dip, Brazil Nut Pesto & Coconut Sugar Brownies!

Can you tell us a little more about the BSKT story, how the concept came to life & (for those of us who don’t know) what BSKT stands for?

It is fairly simple story where I was always the annoying person that would go out to dinner with friends and always ask for different food requests to fit my diet. After always getting funny looks I figured well if I can’t find anywhere that serves the style of food I want then maybe I should just build my own dietary haven. My goal was to create something small that other people on specialty diets could enjoy without lacking flavour or taste.

I suddenly realised that there were a lot more people like me and that we should look at all aspects of the health movement so we added the Yoga component along with linking with various people in the health and fitness world to try and create a health oasis in our little corner of the world.

BSKT stand for “Biscuit”. There is a story of early Egyptians using biscuits as their option for sustenance and good health on long journeys and I really liked it being close to my home country of Ghana. The abbreviation was just because it looked better and became a talking point.

What are BSKT’s go to staples in the kitchen, what ingredients couldn’t you survive without?

Without a doubt Coconuts! From Coconut Oil, Coconut Chips, Cocowhip, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Probiotics, Coconut Sorbet, Coconut Yoghurt.

We are essentially Coconut mad!

Flannerys are proud to support BSKT’s local nights, can you tell us a little more about them?

As the name suggests we want to showcase the best of what our region has to offer in a fun shared dining experience. We view local nights as our way to give back to the Gold Coast community that has been so good to us including businesses like Flannerys. We hope to provide a platform for local businesses and individuals to promote their product or produce in in a relaxed atmosphere.

Flannerys were the first retailer to stock BSKT Wholefoods Veganola,
what is your favourite part of our stores?

Flannerys were actually the first store to stock any BSKT retail product. A special mention to the Miami store being the first and our local Flannerys that looks after us so well. For myself personally the favourite part of the stores is the staff and their level of education and understanding about each product that is in each store. It is very rare to see a level of service as good as what you get at Flannerys and truly am grateful for the support they have given us over the last year.

What inspired you to start the BSKT Wholefoods range?

After people realised that healthy food doesn’t have to bland and tasteless after visiting the restaurant they wanted us to start popping up BSKT’s everywhere. This isn’t going to happen but I figured the next best thing we could do is bring a little bit of BSKT to them via a Wholefoods range that utilises all the ingredients we use within the restaurant. Everything you see on retail shelf is used within the restaurant and being packaged up means we can spread the BSKT love far and wide.


If you want to know more about BSKT Cafe or to make a booking simply visit their website:


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