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#FlannerysFoodie – Elise Nash, Eat Learn Flourish

Gold Coast based nutrition & dietetics student Elise Nash from Eat Learn Flourish is our featured #FlannerysFoodie. We love collaborating with members of our community to get you tips on how to live a healthy, happy, balanced life. Elise is truly inspiring and her Instagram is a myraid of wholefood delicious creations sure to get the mouth watering! Her exclusive recipes can be found on our recipe page – click here. Check out our interview with her below.

Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration – what inspires you & your food?

I love inspiring others around me, seeing how happy people can become when they start eating wholesome nutritious food & doing some exercise is what inspires me most (especially my mum!). I’ve always believed in fueling the body with wholesome food so the inspiration comes when I can make that fuel look inviting and delicious and of course inspire those around me to do the same to.

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

Cashews, coconut oil and cacao powder – all the essentials for a delicious nourishing raw cheesecake because we can’t go by one of those can we?

What nourishing goodness do you usually start your day with?

Chai tea on almond or coconut milk to start off the day then followed by a big nutrient filled breakfast which is usually some nuts, seeds and fresh fruit.

What is your secret to growing your online presence?

Don’t give up, there’s so many wonderful foodie blogs out there and it’s easy to put yourself down about not being good enough. If you really believe in what you do then just keep going! Overtime people will be drawn to you and the lifestyle you live.

Any advice for those with food intolerances or beginning to change their lifestyle?

Start small, one step at a time. These small changes will eventually become second nature and this way your more likely to stick to them.

Recommended local foodie havens?

Yes! Greenhouse Factory in Kirra is hands down my favourite… You should definitely try the sunflower burger its legit amazing!


If you want to know more about Elise, connect with her below:


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