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Ashleigh Jensen is a Sunshine Coast pocket rocket who loves to share her wellness journey with others. She has received training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories. We quizzed Ashleigh on her healthy lifestyle and everything Wholesome Living. Here is what she had to say!

Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration – what inspires you & your food?

I know how amazing it feels to eat healthy and live an active life. That feeling of being satisfied from the food I eat, having sustained energy levels throughout the day and feeling strong is enough motivation for me to continue my health journey. When cooking, I am inspired by produce that is in season and from local suppliers. I love getting creative with colours, textures and flavours of foods and coming up with new combinations.

What inspired you to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

I used to compete with the INBA in fitness modelling competitions and my diet consisted mainly of red meat, chicken and eggs 6-8 times per day. My energy levels were almost non-existent and it wasn’t long before my overall health suffered. I was experiencing acne, hair fallout, chronic fatigue and became very depressed. I decided to try out a plant based approach to eating and it changed my life forever. I am now conscious of the food I eat and where it comes from as well as the effects it has on my body. I’ve never felt better and it’s a good feeling knowing you’re causing little harm to animals and the plant by the food you eat.

What nourishing goodness do you usually start your day with?

I love my oats! In winter I make porridge and in summer I soak the oats in almond milk overnight to create a bircher-style muesli. To finish it off I place coconut yogurt, cinnamon, banana and lots of fresh berries on top.

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

That’s a tough decision but I would have to say Flannerys Own Gourmet Muesli sprinkled with Flannerys Own Bee Pollen.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to change their lifestyle to get fit and healthy – what would it be?

Start with small, achievable goals. Results don’t happen overnight and there is no quick fix. Health is a continuous journey made up of lots of little steps. With regards to food my rule is:

“If it comes from the ground – eat it. If it comes from a packet/can/factory – don’t”

The internet is full of inspirational pictures, recipes, workouts and testimonials. Find what it is that inspires you and remind yourself of your goals every day, but don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your achievements along the way

Recommended local foodie havens?

Cafe Nurcha in Maroochydore has a fantastic array of vegan food. Even your not-so-healthy friends are guaranteed to find something they enjoy.


If you want to connect with Ashleigh Jensen you can visit her website:


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