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Sarah doesn’t like to label her diet or lifestyle – that’s why she calls herself the Pretend Health Freak. She is an inspiring woman, who (like most of us) is faced with temptation and the daily challenge to eat right, be active and stay positive.

We quizzed Sarah on her healthy lifestyle and got some insider tips on how she lives a happy, healthy life. Sarah also shared one of her recipe with us, Choc Almond Slice, click here to check it out!

Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration – what inspires you & your food?

My healthy lifestyle began the day I decided to take better care of myself. My body has little ways of telling me when I’m not being kind enough to myself. Eczema is one of those recurring symptoms that I’m now able to manage with a healthy lifestyle. If I’m stressed or eating the wrong foods, my body will begin to show it right away. That’s why now, I’m all about eating nourishing foods, moving my body, and showing others that they too can get positive results from this lifestyle.

What are your go-to staples in your kitchen?

I’m so glad you asked because I’m very passionate about filling my cupboard with the right foods. When my healthy staples are readily available, I feel there are no limits to the creations I can make in the kitchen at any time.

Anyone who makes my recipes knows I’m a huge fan of all things coconut… coconut oil, coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut flour, and the list goes on ha! As for natural sweeteners, I always have rice malt syrup on hand as a fructose free option that is super affordable. Finally, you can’t forget some form of nut butter – usually almond. So, my staples are complete when I have coconut products, rice malt syrup, and nut butters.

Can you tell us a little more about your Ayurveda approach to your diet?

I only found out about Ayurveda about a year ago but since then have fallen in love with their approach to diet and lifestyle. It’s about understanding your body type and eating accordingly. I’m a vata-pitta, which means eating a diet based on the vata and pitta principles. In saying that, I don’t like labels or having to eliminate any foods, so it’s just something I use as a guide – especially through the change of seasons.

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

I can’t go past the Flannerys Coconut Flour, Coconut Sugar, Almond Meal, and Cacao powder. They are my go-to products when I visit Flannerys. I end up with so much more in my basket though!

Any advice for those with food intolerances or beginning to change their lifestyle choices?

Absolutely. I’ve been through a lot of phases since starting this healthy journey and at times I’ve driven myself crazy. At one stage I was only eating raw green salads because I was so paranoid about having a reaction to food. I never got any better at this stage because I was so stressed and obsessed about the foods I ate and I had no energy left for joy. What I’ve realized now is that stress is the main factor above all else, even diet. So address the recurring thought that makes you unhappy, trust the process of healing, and just eat real foods. Whatever reaction you are experiencing came from no where and it will go back to no where. If you are searching for answers, look within, not to Dr Google.

Recommended local foodie havens?

The Paleo Café in Burleigh Heads make an amazingly addictive caramel slice that you can get takeaway. And let’s just say I have been known for swinging by there every now and then for this beloved treat. It’s an exciting ritual for me purely for the fact that someone else has made it. Such a special treat.


You can find out more about Sarah by visiting her website:


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