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Meet Karla Gilbert – Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach, past Ironwoman & mum. We interviewed Karla to find out a little more about this Gold Coast wonder woman. She even created a special recipe for us, Stuffed Pork Fillets with Raspberries & Walnuts.

Tell us a little about your healthy living inspiration

I became interested in nutrition at a young age mainly due to the fact I was competing at the highest level in the endurance sport of Ironwoman racing.

It was a revelation at the time to take responsibility for what I fuel my body with and how it reacted to good quality, nutritious meals after and in between training and racing . It is surprising to learn that many athletes think they can eat what they want because of the high energy output but in reality there is another level to achieve if you eat well. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just eating real food is the key.

I still compete internationally in standup paddle as a team rider for Naish and love working as Health Coach (www.karlagilbert.com.au) helping others in becoming mindful around their habits. We are, after all, a sum of our daily habits which is where healthy living begins. In July I launched my signature 7 week e-course, The Karla Gilbert Method which has been many months in the making and allows everyone to have access to what I share to my one on one clients. I also inspire others towards healthy living on my blog www.ironmumkarla.com.au.

What are your go to staples in the kitchen?

Oh, for sure I have my go to’s. Almonds, coconut oil, shredded coconut, dates and almond meal for bliss balls. Raw cacao in baking, and smoothies. I love coconut water for hydrating after big sessions. Avocados, seeds and salmon are always on the go as are berries and heaps of cruciferous vegetables, which have been beneficial to balancing my hormones. Also, roasted dandelion coffee is my favourite winter warmer!

Fussy kids – any tips for lunch-boxes and dinner times?

As any parent knows this can be a tricky one. But I think it is important for parents to take a stand and let their children know that they are in control at meal times not the other way around. Children do not know what is best for them so it is up the parent to teach them through repetitive exposure to foods and setting the example themselves. If it isn’t in the pantry or fridge it wont be eaten so fill up your trolley with nutritious choices and find healthy recipes together that the kids will want you to fill their lunchboxes with. Put a healthy spin on ‘burgers’ and ‘pizzas’ and allow your children to feel a sense of control in this way over what is served for dinner.

In terms of Flannerys Own – what are your favourite products?

Coconut chips, shredded coconut, pepitas, sunflower seeds, almonds liquorice and quinoa. YUM!

Any advice for those with food intolerances or beginning to change their lifestyle choices?

I guess, dependent on what it is, it’s best to eliminate one food at a time so you can understand more of what is causing the symptoms. Anything worthwhile takes time and we certainly are creatures of habit with our minds always wanting to revert back to what is safe and familiar. This is where it helps to really tap into past issues or behaviours that have lead you to your current lifestyle while setting up a plan of small goals with an understanding of your triggers. It is best to take willpower of out the picture for long lasting change.

Recommended foodie havens?

I have two small girls so where ever we eat now has to match the criteria – be family friendly, fresh and healthy. We love Grill’d burgers, fresh sushi, Mexican at Salsa’s Robina, Raw at Coolangatta for smoothies and great breakfast and Flannerys Refuel Depot at Robina for quick bites of lunch.


You can find out more about Ironmum Karla by visiting her website:


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