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Gut lovin’ probiotic powders you can add to your morning smoothie…

  • Probiotic Foods NEW in store at Flannerys Benowa!
  • Certified organic, free from dairy, gluten, GMO, colours, flavours & preservatives.
  • A range of probiotic foods for the entire family, including the family pet.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your gut health. Probiotics have been recognised as being great for health and wellbeing.

Why take probiotics?

Probiotics can be beneficial when recovering from gastro & diarrhoea, when taking a course of antibiotics, for immunity boosting and general health + wellbeing. Essentially probiotics will increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut.

Probiotic Foods range includes:

  • Probiotic Foods for Everyone Blend
  • Probiotic Foods for Everyone Capsules
  • Probiotic Foods Specially for Women
  • Probiotic Foods for Kids
  • Probiotic Foods Protein Blend
  • Probiotic Foods for the Gluten & Fructose Intolerant

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