Contains 100% xylitol (sourced from Birch Trees).

Available in both 300g and 500g bags.


Xyltiol is produced from naturally occurring sugar alcohol’s found in most plants – including fruit & veg. For those following strict paleo diet – this one’s not for you, as even though it’s product of nature, the refining process that occurs to extract the sugar granulas is not in-line with the paleo ethos. Xyltitol tastes & looks just like regular white cane sugar but without the calories, affects to our blood sugar levels & will not convert in our mouths to harmful acids causing tooth decay. The other big thumbs up here is the lack of fructose, so it’s an excellent option for diabetics. Xylitol won’t feed candida. For those following the FODMAP diet – it’s important to remember that Xylitol is a ‘sugar alcohol’, meaning that if you suffer from Irritable Bowel you should only consume in very small doses. It can also be harmful to your pets.

How to use

Use it to sweeten your coffee / tea or in baking. But try not to use too much, as it can cause a laxative affect. Xylitol doesn’t dissolve as easily as normal white sugar, so you may have to grind it before use.


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