Sundried Dates


Contains sundried Iranian dates

May contain traces of nuts, seeds or pits

Available in 1kg bags only


From the date palm tree family (phoenix dactylifera) – said to be one of the worlds oldest cultivated trees – Flannerys Own dates are lovingly grown in the Khuzestan region in Iran and are still harvested by hand. A staple food sourced of the Middle East for hundreds of years, Iran is the worlds largest producer of dates. The Flannerys Own date is from the sayer variety – dark orange/brown in colour, semi-dried, soft & syrupy – one of the most common for cooking & baking. Dates offer a high level of natural sugar (70% sugar content) – which is a great source of instant energy + dates contain more potassium than bananas!

How to use

Dates are delicious on their own (ours are unpitted – so watch out for the seeds). Try stuffing dates with cheeses, nut mixes, fruit paste or our favourite – fresh peanut butter! Dates make a great binding sweetener for raw desserts, add them to your cacao smoothie for a little caramel flavour or soften them in a little warm water to add to baking.


Flannerys Own Dates