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From the Amazonian rainforest to Australian shores, kick-start your day with incredibly healthy and delicious Açai.

Açai (pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’) is a cherry-sized purple berry from the açai palm, native to Brazil. Amazonians have described the açai palm as the most important plant species to them, with the açai berry essential in their diet to treat parasites and protect them against disease.

A powerhouse of antioxidants, fibre, vitamin A and minerals, starting your day with Acai means your nourishing your mind and body from the get-go. The distinctive vibrant purple colour of açai is a combination of healthy compounds that help defend the body against harsh free radicals. It also contains some of the same oils found in olive oil, which helps protect the heart against disease and acts as an anti-inflammatory. And the bonus? It’s low in sugar!

We all want to feed our body with highly nutritious food without spending too long in the kitchen, so there’s no wonder Açai has become so popular in Australia.

You can blend your frozen Acai into a delicious smoothie or make your own Acai bowls at home, topped with nuts, seeds, cacao nibs or whatever you fancy.

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Acai Energy Bars

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Antioxidant Acai Ice Cream


Amazonia Acai Bowl

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